Behavioral health services

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The new way to get your behavioral health (mental health and required substance use treatment) services is through a health plan in Healthy Louisiana. You can choose the same or different health plans for each family member in Healthy Louisiana, whether they get all services Healthy Louisiana plans offer or just behavioral health services.

You can choose a health plan that has the providers you want. Or Healthy Louisiana can help you choose a plan and providers. Choose a health plan that best fits your needs.

Your health plan will provide any behavioral health services you or your family members need. You only need to choose one health plan for each person in Healthy Louisiana. If you do not choose a health plan for your medical and behavioral health services, Healthy Louisiana will choose one for you. We will send you a confirmation letter in the mail. 

If you get waiver services, you will keep getting them the way you do now.

To learn more about behavioral health services, visit the Louisiana Department of Health website.